The Arc Of An Online Relationship In 9 Hours

The Arc Of An Online Relationship In 9 Hours

22 hours ago:

Thank you for accepting my friend request.

Did you write these books?

21 hours ago:

Hi there. I took a look at “Dating Kinky.” It’s a good web site. I own a marketing company, so I know good work when I see it. Nice work!

18 hours ago:

Thank you for accepting my friend request. I am looking forward to reading your kinky books.

14 hours ago:

Hi There. Do you ever come to Washington? I see on your profile you belong to a DC BDSM group.

Hi again. Do you still want to chat?

are you there?

13 hours ago:

I said you have a sexy tummy and cute panties

Hi There Again. Thank you for accepting my friend requests. I have had a look at your books. It’s a cool web site.

when is your next book coming out?

did you read my profile? You can learn some things about me there.

12 hours ago:

Hi. I give up. Good bye.

You can’t respond to this conversation because UserName has deactivated their account, you’ve blocked them, or they’ve blocked you.

These messages came in multiple threads over 9 hours. In the middle of a weekday.

Now, even when I’m in the office and at work, even on FetLife, I usually answer messages in the morning, then leave most until the next morning.

Yesterday, I wasn’t even in the office, but working on my Halloween costume (out of latex!) with a dear friend, and spending time in the evening with Pet, without any electronics really at all. I didn’t even take my phone to dinner (and I don’t bother with Fet notifications—I can see them when I’m logged in).

But this sort of thing happens pretty regularly.

Even in conversations I’m enjoying or interested in.

People just can’t imagine that anyone might have a life elsewhere that might take priority over online communication, or might just not be able to get online to respond to their important messages.

Shame, really.

Or not.

Anyone who thinks that they deserve my undivided immediate attention before even meeting me is not suited to me, even as an online correspondent.


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