I’m a strong woman.

I’m a strong woman.

The idea that submissives are weak is prevalent, and I find that utterly ridiculous. Total shite, really.

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I mean, sure, SOME submissives are weak. Honestly, though, so are some dominants.

Just because someone chooses to lead or follow does not determine their personality traits beyond that they prefer to lead or follow.

Heck, if I were forced to say something about submissives of any gender, it’s that those I have known and loved have been as a whole stronger than the average human I’ve encountered in life.

Now, I know that my anecdotal experience is not scientific.

However, science says that self-identified submissives in BDSM lifestyles are felt more secure in their relationships, have an increased sense of well-being, more conscientious toward others, more extroverted, more open to trying new experiences, decreased anxiety, less sensitive to others’ perceptionand tested as more resilient than the average non-kinky person.

Dominants did as well, for what it’s worth.

I’m simply pointing out that being a submissive does not mean anything specifically negative about a person’s personal strength.

And in THIS specific post, lifting the strong submissive women I know and those I don’t yet.


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