Follow Friday & Shout Out List, July 2

Follow Friday & Shout Out List, July 2

Welcome to our second-ever Follow Friday and Shout Out List! This will be a weekly recurring post to introduce you to some amazing kinky and sex-positive folk online for you to perv, follow, support—whatever.

Let’s get to it!

Devyn Stone, who has been an amazing presenter for Dating Kinky is teasing the teachers on Saturday, August 14.

So you’ve been thinking you want to teach in BDSM spaces? Join Devyn Stone for a full day of advice and insight on that very topic!

Kink/BDSM education is an unregulated field. There is no degree or certification to achieve. There are also very few resources available to those who may want to get started. So check this class out! Devyn Stone, BDSM educator and event organizer, takes you on a fast paced and bumpy ride through what he has found to be the basics of calling oneself a “kink educator.” You will hear about everything from negotiation and boundaries to scheduling to booking and even some marketing and material development.

Tickets start at $30

Poly Philia, who will be co-hosting our Nonmonogamunch in July on the 21st is a polyamory educator, influencer, comedian, blogger, and community mentor. She founded Poly Philia in November 2020, and it is now the largest page dedicated to non-monogamy education in the UK.

Here is a recent post about polyamory and monogamy that has been making the rounds of the internet (congrats on getting the shares!).

TessTorch says:

Our Reddit community was designed to be an inclusive, welcoming supportive place featuring, in particular, longer-term kinky relationships of all types. Active beginners frequently join us, as well! We share ideas, stories, questions, advice, support, humor and friendship among good people who have a vast array of experience, and are still learning, always!

Kink on Reddit has traditionally had a limited and narrow representation. Assumptions and biases about gender, sexuality, monogamy, roles, age, body type, and race abound. In addition, the largest communities are either photo-based, or advice-based. For people exploring kink, the latter category gives a somewhat skewed perspective, mostly highlighting “problems” to be solved. We wanted a place which is founded in the literally limitless diversity, creativity, and joy in kink. What has emerged before our very eyes in just over a year is a safe, welcoming community where kinksters’ whole selves are seen and celebrated. It’s a very special community of which we are proud.

Why not check it out?

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