It’s almost the weekend. I’m counting it as the first official weekend of first month the new year, because really, New Year’s falling on a Friday is some bullshit. Amirite?

But we’re about to head into the actual end of the first week of the year.

Just think—there are so many awesome new and unknown kinky adventures ahead for you! Giant, delicious #KinkGoals just waiting for you to see them through.

Maybe this weekend is a good time to start.

I’ve started on a few of mine this year already:

  • Creating more and deeper connections with local kinky people.
  • Sharing dinner and conversation with people my partner and I find interesting.
  • Exploring stronger power dynamics with my partner for 2022.

This weekend, while I mostly hope to recover from last weekend, I will also be taking steps towards my goals.

What about you?

Do you have any #KinkGoals that you will be working towards this weekend and moving forward in 2022? Are there any steps you can take this weekend (no matter how small) that can help you achieve those goals?

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