Sometimes not being in control…

Sometimes not being in control…

I originally created this graphic after a conversation I had with a submissive, but I believe this is true for most people.

After all, even the most in-charge, capable, leader-type people like to take a load off sometimes, and just relax.

They like to know they can count on someone else to have their back, to get things done, and that they don’t need to worry.

In fact, some of those people ARE submissives.

And some are not.

But the truth is, few people are ALWAYS one way or another.

And as a dominant myself—one who is in charge both professionally and personally—I love to be able to ask my submissive to create a space for me to not make any decisions for an evening.

After all, he knows what I like. What soothes me. What makes me feel relaxed and loving and cared for.

And I have spoken to a lot of dominants who want desperately to let go a bit and just relax. But they don’t know how.

That’s how.

Tell your submissive to create a space for you.

Tell them to plan dinner.

Tell them to pamper you tonight.

And…keep in mind that they need that space, too. A space sometimes where they have ZERO decisions to make, and they can just let everything go except what they are told to do.

Because sometimes, even though they are submissive, they are who we rely on to get everything done and keep everything moving. They need that time off as well.

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