“The worst they can do is say no.”

“The worst they can do is say no.”

That’s untrue, actually.

In my view, “No” is one of the BEST things someone can do. Not quite right up there with “Yes” in many situations, but far, far better than many other responses.

What’s worse than a “No”?

  • “Yes,” with no follow-through or stringing along.
  • “Yes,” with little to no enthusiasm.
  • “Maybe,” because they don’t want to say “No.”
  • “Yes,” because they are frightened.
  • “We’ll see,” then a ghost because they won’t really see.

And so on.

A “No” is solid to me. It’s good. It means we are communicating. It means that they can speak their mind.

If I’m asking a question and I want a yes, I obviously don’t want a no. But I want a no so much more than some of those other options.

What are your thoughts?

Is a “No” the worst reply you can get? One of the best? Something in-between?

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