Are You Relationshipping Your Dating?

Are You Relationshipping Your Dating?

A checklist being checked off.

Dating is about finding a good long term partner, it’s true. However, it is not the long-term relationship itself. It’s even got it’s own word: dating.

That’s because dating is a critical step in the relationship process. It’s the get-to-know-you step, sure. It’s also the have-lots-of-fun-and-explore step.

And that FUN part is critical.

Having fun together is good, and if you do make it to a long term relationship, they will form a foundation of memories that you will build love, laughter, and even more fun on in the future.

And if you don’t make it, it’s probably because you found out you weren’t a good fit.

But you still had fun.

Or, if the dates were really bad (dates? You mean you had more than one really bad date with the same person? Yikes), you have those amazing “worst dates I ever had” stories to share with friends and your eventual match when you finally connect.

And going along with this, that shopping list you have to check off before you even go on a date? Well, it’s a great guideline, sure. However, sometimes things aren’t exactly what they seem, so it’s worth keeping an open mind.

Heck, I had 127 dates one year, and I made some amazing friends, got a
handful of those stories I mentioned, and learned two things:

How to “read” people online better.

By meeting A LOT of people online then off, I got a great feel for reading between the lines and understanding how certain patterns on line speech and behavior tend to translate into realtime interaction.

A lot more of what I DO NOT want in a partner.

Yes. LOTS of this.

So, enjoy your dating, and the dating process, and don’t feel like you have take it too seriously. If they are shaping up to be a potential “the one,” or “another one” for the poly for out there, you have plenty of time to “relationship.”

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