The D-Type for you?

The D-Type for you?

Someone asked me long ago about what trait I thought all dominants in the lifestyle should have.

Over the years, I’ve asked this question of others as well.

And I realize that I actually don’t have an answer.

Because what I think doesn’t really matter, since I’m a dominant, and it’s not really my place to judge other dominants.

And when it comes to me, well, ONE trait is hardly even a beginning.

When it comes to others I’ve asked, their “one” perfect trait is often a list, LOL!

And those lists vary wildly.

Even when someone them say similar things, like:

•Dominance (LOL! Yeah…)




Each person means something different by it than the next person.

And as a dominant, even one who knows myself and who I am and what I like deeply and well, I find that my relationships each bring out different parts of me over time, based on the combined needs and desires of me and my partners.


But even with all that said, I think it’s a questions worth thinking over and answering for ourselves, if for no reason that it makes an excellent thought exercise.

For me, the one perfect trait I can offer is my ethics. I make promises to my partners, and I keep them, and they can count that I will say and do things within a specific set of ethical boundaries that I am happy to share with them.

And you?

What is your one perfect trait, either as a D or that you look for?

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