Do You “Test” Potential Partners? If So, How?

Do You “Test” Potential Partners? If So, How?

An image of one man peering into another man's ear.

“Your inner ear looks just fine. Excellent. So, that means you pass with flying colors. I’d officially like to ask you on a date, now.”

I have spent a lot of time in the PUA (Pick Up Artists) community. and I’ve learned a lot from them about people, and what people believe about other people—some of it accurate, some of it incredibly inaccurate, and a lot of it situational.

PUAs “test” women for specific characteristics that are indicative of enjoying casual sex.

They talk about women “testing” men, and how to fail in the ways that indicate long term relationship material.

And then, going further with it, beyond picking up, into art of masculinity and actually creating and keeping long term relationships, they talk about how to test for the right woman for years of sexual positivity and happiness, and how women will test in return for leadership, sexual aggression and more.

Tests in any/all of these areas include checking for:

  • emotional maturity
  • sexual aggression
  • insecurity
  • sense of humor
  • caretaking skills
  • sexual responsiveness
  • character
  • dominance
  • submission
  • reciprocity
  • honesty
  • jealousy

And more.

Now, these are things that not only are men taught to test for, but that I have specifically read women SAYING they test for.

So, do you test potential partners? If so, what for? If not, what do you do, if not “testing”?

Sometimes, when I’m searching for images for my blogs, something really just tickles me. I searched for “test” on StockUnlimited, and I saw this, which made me giggle, so of course I had to use it. Heck, who knows? Maybe this is someone’s kink.

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