Cuckolding for Couples

Cuckolding for Couples

Cuckolding is a hot trend online these days, but is it a viable kink? I’ll give an enthusiastic YES!

Not only is it a fun fetish for cuck and cuckoldress, but it actually enhances intimacy, love, creativity and fun in your relationship.

Based on my popular 2 1/2 month online course, this class covers setting ground rules, finding a bull, creating an amazing cuckolding relationship and trouble shooting.

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  1. I like the humilation of a much larger black cock stretching my wife completely as i watch her cum harder than I’ve ever seen.i love being a part of it and knowing shes going home with me

    1. Cuckolding can be an incredibly deep, intimate, and rewarding experience for the right couples. I’m so glad you enjoy it with your wife. That’s super! ~Nookie

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