It’s against human nature to knowingly make a mistake.

It’s against human nature to knowingly make a mistake.

It’s against human nature to knowingly making a mistake.

People ALWAYS choose the best path for them at the time. Even when that path is, “I’m going to try this thing and it may not work, but I will at least grow from it.”

Because it’s instinctually BAD to make mistakes.

Oh sure, you get those people (like I mentioned a few writings back) [LINK) who are perfectly comfortable saying shit like, “It’s a bad decision in pretty much all the ways it can be a bad decision, but I’ll have no regrets.”

They not only know they are making a huge mistake, they embrace that shit.

I’m not sure if they are enlightened AF or petting-an-allgator-stupid.

Not my call.

MOST people will do damn near anything to avoid making a mistake. Or to avoid being SEEN making a mistake (which is a big difference).

To the point that analysis paralysis is a thing. As is perfectionistic procrastination, which I used to suffer from to a debilitating point.

(All you “such a bright child” types out there probably know the feeling.)

Heck, I make a metric fuck-ton of mistakes every day, and not a single one of them is on purpose, unless it’s, “Well, I gotta do something because not doing anything is the biggest mistake, and this option here seems like the least shitty of multiple piles of water buffalo dung.”

I will always choose to live imperfectly. I will always take the risks and challenges, rather than the safe and known route.

Because the option to live perfectly has not yet come up, and the option of not living at all (or not taking any risks) pretty much stinks.

I still don’t like to be wrong.

Even when I like what comes of it—all the learning and growing n’shit.

I also still believe that we should all be wrong more often, make mistakes more often, stumble and fall more often, and get rejected more often.

Because it make us stronger, smarter, better humans.

Which is why the risky life pays off.

And everyone in kink understand this to some extent. Because kink is inherently risky. Which is why we have SSC, RACK, PRICK, and all manner of writings, classes, and events focused on reducing that risk so we can enjoy our kinky lives.

We don’t WANT to make a mistake.

We want to be good at making them (like Jackie Chan is good at falling) or least as prepared as possible, so that we can recover more quickly, or hurt ourselves (and others) less.

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