The grand romance, AKA: What I want

The grand romance, AKA: What I want

Last night, My partner and I watched An Officer and A Gentleman. My first time. His idea. Actually, he and his friend, who also watched it with us.

Great movie.

At the end, I said, “So, did they make this a military movie, so the guys wouldn’t feel so bad going to see a romance?”

We all laughed.

But during the movie, I was swooning a bit inside over the love/sex scenes. Not just because Richard Gere (and Debra Winger), but because they were SO loving, so intimate, so…romantic.

And for a split second, I thought, “I want that.”

Then the movie carried on with shouting and pushups and whatever.

And after, I was left feeling mushy and sentimental and sweet and fuzzy. My partner tucked me in, and I fell asleep.

And I must have processed something during the night, because I woke up this morning with the thought, “I have that.”

And then, I also thought, that having that is really not so much of a reach. Not the being carried out of my drab workplace by handsome young Navy officer part. I’ve never had that. Not sure I would, but Richard Gere is a dreamboat (actually like him better older, but I digress).

But the moments of deep intimacy and loving and connection and feeling like I am the most amazing wonderful beautiful person in the world right now, with the other most amazing wonderful beautiful person.

In the movie, we see maybe a total of 30 minutes of interaction between the lovebirds.

Over a 12 week period.

3 months.

30 minutes in 3 months of deep intimate romance.

Of course, we can infer that there is more. Maybe a handful of really romantic moments, with a bunch of smiles and fun, and then a TON of normal stuff like brushing teeth, going to the toilet, chilling together chatting about nothing, making fun of silly things and people, and more.

But none of that makes it into the movie.

Because it’s mundane.

Just like our lives.

Just like my everyday.

Sure, I want that overwhelming feeling that the movie shows. Many people do.

And it’s absolutely doable for anyone who loves another I think, with a bit of realism thrown in.

Because, if I pause to think, I can make up AT LEAST 30 minutes of romantic bliss in the past 12 weeks. Probably at least that for every week.

There’s the sweet note I woke up to one morning. The dinner he made me the other night. The foot rubs on the couch as he watches The Vuelta and I play on my phone or nap. The way he nearly always touches my ass or lower back as he passes me in a room. The kiss goodbye when he leaves each day and the hug we give when he or I comes home. The long massage, focused on my relaxation and pleasure.

And so on.

Is it enough to make a movie of?

Probably, with careful editing, LOL!

But it’s my real life romance. And while I love the feels and the sniffles and the inner gooeyness I get from the movies, I’ll take what I have any day.

What are your thoughts?

Do you put a priority on romance in your relationships?

Do you think with careful editing that your current (or past) relationship(s) could make for a good movie? Why or why not? Are you willing to share some highlights?

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