“We’re not making pretty rope. We’re making nasty rope.”

“We’re not making pretty rope. We’re making nasty rope.”

That made me laugh out loud during the show last week. You see, Growly was teaching some breath restriction (body constriction, not neck) and torture ties with rope, and making Growly’s girl squeak in the most adorable ways.

And he says that.

And I lost it. Good thing I was on mute.

He also said:

“You can just wait for the cramps to set in on the thighs.”

He was talking about how a tie wasn’t necessarily painful immediately, but it would be. And this:

“This is uncomfortable, because this is not how legs work.”

Which was about awkward positioning as a tool of torture.

And you know what’s funny? I don’t really do rope. But I LOVE Knotty Time. Because Growly makes rope seem simple and accessible to anyone. And the people who join appreciate hat and bring their questions and experiences, and it is an amazing 90 minutes of rope play and engagement.

And we do it every month. Perhaps you can join us? Get signed up for email reminders here:

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