I need a break. And I’m taking one.

I need a break. And I’m taking one.

It’s Sunday. We’re finishing up My Power, Your Power today. Three amazing days of power exchange learning, discussion, coaching, dating, and more.

I’m exhausted.

Not just from this weekend, although that will be my excuse to take the next couple of days off, but from the past year and a half.

I need time to rest. To be quiet. And to prioritize my business.

I’ve been so busy working IN my business day-to-day that I’ve not had much time to step back and work ON my business.

And when our server went down this past Monday, it was a wake up call.

I’ve worked 18+ hour days over the past week, following several weeks of 14+ getting ready for this and planning some upgrades (the server went down JUST before they were ready, making an emergency out of what I’d hoped would be a smooth transition).

So, I’m going to rest.

I’m going to still write. I love to write, it makes me feel good to share and talk with you. It’s therapeutic for me.

But behind the scenes, things are going to be changing.

For you, I actually think this will mean you will see more (and better) from me.

For me, it will mean I work differently, a bit less, and get more bang for the buck. For my team as well. And that’s what I’m aiming for.

And you know what?

It’s scary to say this.

Because I’ve been working so hard to grow our site and our social media presence. And it feels like it could all disappear in a wink while I sort this out.

But I have to trust the process, and trust that I will find ways to serve you even more in this time.

So, a heartfelt “Thank you!” to all of you. For reading me, for being here, and for engaging.

You rock.

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