Trying To Steal My Sub, Cunt?

Trying To Steal My Sub, Cunt?

Good luck with that.


Good luck.

I’m not worried?


Why should I be?

If my sub is as into me as I think they should be, I have nothing to fear.

After all, I’ve communicated with them about my expectations and they have agreed, and I would never take on a sub I didn’t trust 100%.

And, frankly, if you do manage to steal them, I’ll thank you.

Sure, I’ll do it after I’ve had my snarling fit, probably cried my eyes out snotting all over the furniture while eating three gallons of ice cream (because I don’t take on subs lightly), and nursed my wounded pride.

But I will thank you.

Because you will have shown me by ‘stealing’ them that they weren’t really right for me anymore (or possibly to begin with). Because if they were, they would have zero interest in straying.

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