They’re Losing Their Shit Over A Razor Commercial

They’re Losing Their Shit Over A Razor Commercial

Which, to be fair, is absolutely their right.

Many of the same people* also went ballistic over the Kaepernick Nike ad.

Many of the same sort who say things like, “People need to grow thicker skins and not get offended at everything…”


Last night, I was talking with a friend of mine about events in the area we’d like to attend, and she asked me if I’d been back to a particular Open Mic night at a local club.

I said, “Maybe twice since we went (about a year ago). Not a lot of my friends feel 100% comfortable there.”

It’s a predominantly POC club, with mostly POC participants, and topics are often about their experiences of racism as POCs.

Some non-POC people have a hard time enjoying themselves while hearing about horrible things that have happened to others, especially as one of only a handful of white people in the room.

They take it personally, you see.

Thing is, it’s NOT ABOUT YOU.

Unless it is. Of course. Unless it’s EXACTLY about you.

“Venomous snakes” is not about all snakes, it’s about venomous ones.

“Racist people” is not about all people.
“Crooked politicians” is not about all politicians.
“Evil corporations” is not about all corporations.
“Golddigging women” is not about all women.

“Toxic masculinity” is not about all masculinity and does not apply to all men.

So, it doesn’t apply to you (or the men and boys you love), necessarily.

Unless it does.

Does it?

* In my Facebook feed and groups, for example.

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