We All Have That One Friend… Maybe YOU Are That One Friend.

We All Have That One Friend… Maybe YOU Are That One Friend.

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A quote. 

"The real problem with always putting others first is that you teach them that you come second."

Hell, many of us have more than just that one.

The one who will put EVERYONE’s needs before their own. The loyal, loving, always-there-for-you bestie who will give and give and give until there’s nothing left.

And I’m betting you know this, because you’ve been there, often, trying to give back. Trying to love them enough when they need you, trying to ask if they really need to say “yes” all the time, trying to get across to them that they are amazing, special, wonderful people with big hearts who deserve to ask to be put first sometimes…

And I’m betting, if you are one of these people, that it breaks your heart.

To see them overlooked, taken for granted, set aside in favor of the more exciting, the emotionally unavailable, and the whirlwind roller coasters. To see them begin to believe that they deserve second place.

Fuck, even that they deserve to be second. Worst, that they deserve to always be last.

Today is Thanksgiving here in the States.

I challenge you to reach out today and tell someone like this that you are thankful for them in your life. Plan a time when you will get together and put them first. Celebrate them over a cup of tea, or with a pedicure, or something.

And if you ARE that friend…

I challenge you to reach out to someone, anyone, and ask for something you need today. A hug, a kiss, affection, a compliment… something.

Ask to be put first for a moment.

And… if you are frightened to ask your friends and family, reach out to me. I’m happy to send you a positive word, a smile, something to say,

You are worth it. I am thankful for you.

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