It is worth ____ for?

It is worth ____ for?

Seriously. This should be a consideration EVERY TIME. I know a lot of women for whom sex is a crapshoot, and they are likely to end up with a yeast infection or UTI after as not.

Which adds a whole new level to “Is this worth it?”

And ranks up there with, “Is this worth shaving for?” and “I coulda watched another rerun of Criminal Minds with the cat…”

And y’all others can get in on the action too:

Balls are HARD to shave properly. Is this going to be worth the effort?

What if they fall for you? Is it going to be worth the hassle?

Are you feeling pretty damn confident that you’re gonna get YOURS out of this one?

Is it going to be AT LEAST as good as pizza?

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  1. Having been a young man back before shaving(or even trimming) was in fashion. This was never even a question. I personally believe you should just have good body hygiene(and if they do as well, so much the better) however that being said, One does not know where their “New”(or even old time) partner has been. So unless you were there when they were tested and have been with them for 24/7 till the test comes back, it is a crap shoot. Practice safe sex(yes you can still get UTI’s) but stop doing unsafe sexual items……anal to vaginal or anal to mouth sex. If he is the town slut, you might want to pass too as you are a higher risk of getting a YI or UTI. BTW I’m not a OB/GYN Doctor, but I have stayed at the Holiday Inn Express

  2. BTW, Not sure why I should have to say this, But Clean your Insertable toys Before and After you use them. Never know Whom MAY have used them and for what. Again I’m not an OB/GYN Doctor, But I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and yes I will take a look.

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