Why Talk Dirty?

Why Talk Dirty?

There is just something about dirty talk.

About hearing some delightfully naughty words whispered in your ear, or whispering them in someone else’s.

It’s powerful.

And it’s freeing.

Hearing dirty or taboo words or phrases can stimulate dopamine, which in turn ignites sexual arousal, and increases the intensity of passion.

The role the brain plays in sexual pleasure explains why you’re often not be in the mood for sex when you’re stressed or unhappy, or even chuffed at your partner.

A study in Hormone Research in 2005 (1), the preoptic area and the suprachiasmatic nucleus (which are both part of the hypothalamus) are critically responsible for sexual pleasure.

Dirty talk stimulates both of them.

And not just talking. Moaning, panting, or whispering during sex also turns up the dial.

So, if you’re a bit self conscious, that’s a good place to begin.

Even phrases as simple as:

  • “Oh yes, that feels so good.”
  • “Harder.”
  • “I love when you…”
  • “Mmmm. You are so good at…”

Another thing that talking during sex can do is help keep attention on the sex.

Usually during sex, you’re enjoying sexual touch. Which is wonderful. However, that leaves your other senses to wander. And especially for those who may have a hard time focusing, that can create some challenges.

By harnessing the power of of your sense of hearing, you can collaborate with your partner and focus both your mind and theirs in on what you’re doing.

And it can be really hot.

Did I mention hot?


Which is in January, my presentation will be all about the dirty talk. I’ll discuss ideas on what to talk about, some notes on words to use (and not to use), and most importantly, how to get started, when you feel super-awk.

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And if I can get over it, you can, too.

So, join me Thursday, January 28th for Sexy, Kinky, Fun: It’s Dirty Talk!

It’s FREE for anyone to attend live, and we’ll record it for replays for our PLUS Members in audio and video format.


(Source 1: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1292983/ )

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