Nonmonogamy: What could go wrong?

Nonmonogamy: What could go wrong?

If I’m gonna answer that question, I’m going to be 100% honest:


Everything can go wrong.

Just like in every relationship style ever.

And to me, that’s 100% the wrong question to ask. Because when you focus on what is or could be wrong, you’re focused on, well, the WRONG things.

The better question, in my opinion is “what could go right?”

And another tidbit of honesty: nothing involving humans trying to fit themselves together is ever 100% right.

Whether it’s two or more.

However, in my world, the immense rightness of some things far outweigh the wrongness or poor fits of others.

Nut that’s MY world, and what works for me may not work for you. And what doesn’t work for may may likewise work amazingly for you.

When it comes to non monogamy in any stripe, there are definitely some bits and bobs that will be difficult for most people. Especially those socialized to monogamy.

And that’s OK.

Some will find that the right stuff will get them over/through/past that.

Some will find that monogamy is their best place to be.

And yet, I always feel like there is worth in looking at other sides or ideas, and instead of asking “what’s wrong with this?” sking “What could be right?”

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