What is masculinity to you? A dialog opener.

What is masculinity to you? A dialog opener.

In a group conversation about an upcoming project, someone said:

To me being a man has nothing to do with sex or sexual prowess. It’s about having integrity, honor, compassion, being responsible, taking care of and looking out for the people in your life, handling your business etc

And they are 100% correct.

And I, being who I am, also thought, “That is true of being a good human,” and started playing with the idea of masculinity and femininity and queerinity (or whatever the equivalent is), and thought thinky thoughts.

And this is what I came up with:

I feel like people who can have integrity, honor, compassion, be responsible, take care of and look out for the people in their life, handle their business, etc., AND feel comfortable in their sexuality, gender and role are as [masculine/feminine/queer] as they can be.

It feels good to me.

And so, I release this to the world for feedback, picking apart, criticism, and whatever.

What are your thoughts?

How would define masculinity, femininity, or queerness? What makes a person more masculine to you than another? Or more feminine to you than another? Or makes them the embodiment of queer to you?

And how does that set them apart, regardless of their gender?

Please, be kind. I will absolutely 100% destroy (remove/delete) any hate-filled or -phobic comments, because that ish has no place here.

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