“Your pleasure is my highest priority.”

“Your pleasure is my highest priority.”

Um, yes, please.

Seriously, though.

I like to say that a successful relationship is two people getting far more from the relationship than they put in.

This reminds me of the other part of that.

That a successful relationship is two people giving everything they have to make the other person feel happy and loved and appreciated and…well, all the good things.

And by “everything they have,” I mean within reason (or slightly beyond reason, if I’m to be honest, because I really don’t feel like most people’s reasonable is much to get excited about).

Like, we all still need to live life, and have down time and work and run errands and whatever.

But we also need to make the people we love a priority.

And put their need to feel loved and desired and safe and whatever above less important things like our TV show or the book we can set aside or the goal round we can play later or whatever.

So, when I meet someone who makes my pleasure a priority, while also enjoying when I make their pleasure a priority, I know we’ve got the potential to build something duckbills amazing.

So, yeah.

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