Understanding VS. Agreeing

Understanding VS. Agreeing

  • I don’t agree that Summer is the best season.
  • I don’t agree that cats are better than dogs.
  • I don’t agree that God/s exists. Or that he/she/they doesn’t/don’t.

I don’t have to agree to understand that you believe these things, and your reasons for them.

I don’t agree that certain words are inherently bad, even when used discussing history or quoting others.

I can understand the words that hurt you, as an individual, and take my care when using them around you.

I don’t agree that BDSM is purest when there is no sex involved.

I can understand and respect if you prefer your BDSM without sex.

I don’t agree that a life of service is the most fulfilling life available to humans.

I’m a dominant, so I live the life of accepting service, but I can not only understand that you feel that way and your reasons, but honor and love you for your needs and viewpoint.

I ‘believe’ a lot of things that many would cringe to hear.

Some are deep core beliefs, like trust first, then remove that trust as they acts in untrustworthy ways. Or that being an early bird is da bomb.

Some are more lighthearted, but still central to my life, like believing in chivalry, the power of hugging/touching, and that high heels are inherently sexier than flats.

Your beliefs may be equally odd/quirky to me:

I don’t have to agree with you to understand you.

And I don’t have to understand you to respect you and your right to disagree with me.

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