Defiant Enough

Defiant Enough

I made this meme years ago based on something a friend said to me. I thought it was catchy, and it is.

But it’s not really accurate.

At least for me.

Because “defiance” is not something I look for in my relationships. D/s or not.


1.The act or an example of defying; bold resistance to an opposing force or authority.

2.Intentionally contemptuous behavior or attitude; readiness to contend or resist.

Especially #2. No, thank you.

I would replace “defiant” in this with something more like “creative,” “independent,” or even “sassy.”

However, if a submissive in a relationship with me is defiant, I would say that’s a sign of something being wrong and it’s time to communicate. And if I feel defiant, well…it’s safe to assume I won’t be around very long. Because, well, ewww.

What about you.

Would you identify positively with the word “defiant?” Or expect (desire) it in your relationships?

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