Take a moment to honor…

Take a moment to honor…

Last week, I posted “a day in the life” of me.

I talked about waking in the early morning, and the work I do every day to make Dating Kinky happen.

And over the weekend, I took those days off. You might have noticed that there were no posts.

Or maybe you didn’t.

That’s OK. smiles

But I did that on purpose.

For two reasons.

  1. Because sometimes I need a break.
  2. Because this year, I wanted to set Memorial Day aside to give it a bit more attention than I usually do.

You see, to me, like to many Americans, Memorial Day has been another day off work and a sales day.

Not so much what it’s about.

But I don’t think those of us far removed from the Military can really be blamed for that. After all, look what is fed us in the media.

And yet.

This year, it means something different to me.

Because three days ago, Senate Republicans blocked an inquiry into the events of January 6th in Washington DC.

And on January 6, people died protecting America and Americans. Whether you are for one side or another, right now I don’t care. In fact, regardless of what “side” you are on, people died fighting for the America they believe in, and here inside our nation, fighting other Americans.

And that should be investigated.


And that brings to light that I have been guilty in the past of letting the deaths of theirs pass me by, because they did not affect my daily life in a way I could really feel it.

Or because they died for a cause or in a country I didn’t approve of.

Which doesn’t really matter.

Because when it comes down to it, we are ALL trying to do what we feel is right for America. Even those who I believe are fighting for the worst version of America I can imagine.

An America when skin color is a deciding factor in access to resources. Or gender identity matters when it comes to quality health care. Where what sex you are determines who gets to control your body. Or where who you love is wrong and has to be hidden.

And I hate that they think that way.

But I can still honor that they died because America asked them to. Commanded them to. Needed them to.

This year, Memorial Day happens the day before LGBTQ+ Pride Month begins.

To me, that is a deep symbolism of what all those people have died for, whether they meant to or not. Whether they would have smiled to see people loving other people, however they identify or not.

And I hope, that of all of those deaths over many decades matter.

And that America will grow stronger and more loving and more inclusive, and that Memorial Day will continue to mean something to me as I grow as a woman, as a business person, and as a voter.

And thank you for joining me on social media, wherever you are.

I appreciate all of you, and the time you take to comment, and to like, and to engage with me.

We’ll be back with our regularly scheduled program tomorrow, celebrating Pride.

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