It’s International Sex Worker’s Rights Day

It’s International Sex Worker’s Rights Day

Interesting that this holiday and “I Want You To Be Happy Day” fall on the same date, isn’t it?

After all, for many, having their sexual needs met increases their chances at happiness.

And what that looks like for each person is different.

And sometimes, very different.

And sometimes, that means that what they want is not generally accepted or available, or whatever.

And sex workers can fill in that gap.

Heck, even just loneliness can be crushing. Sex workers can help there, too. And do. More often than you might think, it’s not actually about the sex at all.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to those who persecute sex work and sex workers.

All they see is something that goes against their moral code, and they want it gone. Or perhaps they see something threatening. Or a million other reasons.

Thing is, the people who make these laws—they are above them. There will always be pay-for-play for those in power. It’s just another form of hypocrisy and control of those who have less.

I once intended to allow sex workers and pros on DK with special profiles. In fact, I’d developed it.

And I’d gotten flack for it from women who didn’t want to compete. I don’t see pros as competition for personal relationships. They are two different things.

BUT, despite my intentions, FOSTA/SESTA made that choice impractical. I could not fight that, and shut that idea down. Now, we do welcome profiles from everyone—for personal connections only, never professional.

Dating Kinky and I support people doing what works for them, and making their own choices.

Here is some information on why decriminalizing sex work is a positive step towards making the world a better and more equitable place:

And here is a study that shows that despite the pervasive idea that men who pay for sex would be more misogynistic, the opposite is true:

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