Love is like a campfire.

Love is like a campfire.

In the summer of 2020, I went backpacking with my partner for the first time.

And I learned that he doesn’t like making fires.

As a (somewhat) reformed firebug from WAYYYY back, I was happy to say that I would make the fires.

And I’m not very good at it. Yet.

Building a good strong fire is an art and a science. And not something I’ve ever really paid much attention to. Other people had always done it when we went out to the wilderness, and when I was burning things myself, well, I just kept adding burning stuff, without care for the conservation of materials.

Or I just started a fire, and watched it flare up and burn out fast, without trying to keep it going.

I think this is an apt analogy for love and passion.

We often start with a passion hot and consuming that will eat through everything quickly and powerfully. Or, at least, all the easy stuff (firestarter, kindling, grass and leaves).

But without more fuel, it’ll burn out.

Which in some cases is to the good.

Sometimes, we are not building a fire to last, but cleansing our psyche or just meditating in flame for a few minutes.

But when we want lasting heat to warm us, or to cook our food, we need to pay more attention.

Do we offer enough space (air) so that we don’t suffocate our flames (love), but not so much that there is nothing to burn?

Do we make sure that there is the right kind of fuel? When a mature fire (love) is down to coals, and smoldering, adding in a bit of what caught the fire to begin with, like kindling (or dates, passion, adventure) can help you build back up to flames again.

And sometimes, you want the steadiness of coals, not the burning flames. So understanding the life stages of a fire (love) is important, and what each are good for over time.

And sometimes, a fire will get out of control, and all that will save you from certain immolation is a bucket of cold water dumped over it.

Love, same!

LOL! I think I’ve tapped this analogy out. What are your thoughts? Did I miss anything (I’m sure I did)?

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