Better than Valentine’s Day…

Better than Valentine’s Day…

Valentine’s Day can seem sort of trite and commercial. In fact, my partner and I don’t celebrate it.

Given the right opportunity, my partner has an adorable rant about Valentine’s Day and why it’s shit.

Always makes me smile.

What we do instead is try to show each other every day how much we love and appreciate each other.

And we do a pretty good job.

But, like everyone else, we can use reminders and inspiration now and again, and while V-Day is coming up for many people, Creative Romance month is a bit more my speed.

So, as we head into creative romance month, here are a few ideas to get you thinking (and hopefully acting) to let that special person/those special people how much you love them:

  • Use dry erase markers to write/draw something loving on their mirror (I’ll be doing this today).
  • If you do not live together or won’t be in their home, do that on your mirror and take a selfie in it (maybe something sexy, if that’s what you do).
  • Write them an actual love letter and send it through the mail (yes, even if you do live together).
  • Get them a sexy (kinky) toy, and give them a coupon for fun times together with it, exploring it’s potential.
  • Make their favorite meal, and serve it by candlelight.
  • If you’re not together, set up a Zoom or FaceTime date to eat together.
  • Share some sexy/romantic poetry.
  • Write them a story.
  • Offer a full-body massage/pampering.
  • Tie them up/down and touch their body lovingly while you tell them how much you appreciate them and why.

I’m sure you can come up with plenty of other ideas. These are just a few off the top of my head that can be done both during this pandemic, and relatively cheaply.


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