It’s National Butt Plug Day!

It’s National Butt Plug Day!

Who knew there was a holiday for these little (and not so little) treats? I didn’t until this year, but I’m all over it!

I’m a fan and an educator of butt play.

There is so much pleasure to be had (when practiced safely), and EVERYONE has a butt. Butt plugs are an easy entry to backdoor exploration.

And I talk about them in my book, “The Big Book of Ass” and in my online class (currently accessible by our PLUS Members, “Learn To Love Anal.”

Because they are a fun and easy way to experience anal pleasure.

And at Dating Kinky, we’re all about eating you how to have the best sex with the most amazing people possible, and how to do it safely.

A $10/month membership grants you access to my book (in written and audio formats) and to the Learn To Love Anal Class, plus a library of 200+ educational options: books, classes, and more.

So, if you’re thinking it might be time to try some butt play (or to re-try some butt play), why not join us and try it out?


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