A Ticklish Situation

A Ticklish Situation

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I wasn’t going to write today, but I’m just replying to a conversation, and I thought that sharing this experience with you might help some people understand how they come across, even when they (as this person) probably don’t mean to, and would be horrified to know, if they found out.

Well, here you go.

You’re finding out.

In their first message to me (name redacted and grammar cleaned up, otherwise I’ll directly quote) from someone over 1,000 miles from me:

I am _ and was wondering if your sexy and beautiful feet are ticklish?

Nope. Not at all. smiles

Ok. Wish you were ticklish!

Well, as a dominant, I doubt I would be interested in being tickled, in any case.

I see, but you could let yourself be a submissive just once.

Let me ask you, dear reader…

Is it clear to all of you how creepy that comes across and why?

This person doesn’t know me, and yet, they are suggesting I change who I am “just once” to satisfy THEIR fetish.

As if I only exist to fulfill their whims.

Now, as I said above, I would guess that they don’t really mean it that way. I also beleive that that’s how people would take that more often than not, even when they can’t put their finger on exactly why it icked them out.

So, I wished them the best of luck in their search, and told them that I hoped they found someone for them who was not only not across the country from them, but who actually shares their fetish, instead of being talked into it, “just once.”

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