It’s Not Cheating: Dissecting the Umbrella

It’s Not Cheating: Dissecting the Umbrella

In this episode, the chatroom was presented with the dynamic duo of Trip & Lady Daddy, who took us through a discussion of the relevant terminology for ethical nonmonogamy, to better prepare us for our own conversations in the future.

Btw, this was Lady Daddy’s first ever presentation, and I’d like to point out that to watch the webinar you’d never know it.

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Chat Transcript: ZIP
Presentation Deck: PPT

Featured Presentation: 0:00 – 52:00
PLUS Membership Promo: 52:00 – 58:15
Q&A/Open Discussion: 58:15 – 1:22:41


Lady Daddy is a sexual intellectual bringing light to all the kinkyfuckshit, debauchery and non-monogamy from the Carolinas!

Trip is a student marriage and family therapist in Charlotte, NC. I aim to help LGBT+, kinky, non-monogamous, and/or people of color with issues around sex, sexuality, and relationships. Owner of an online retail sex toy store. Co-founder of Charlotte’s People of Color (POC) Kinky/Poly Community where we host meetups, munches, and educational events in Charlotte and surrounding areas. Podcast co-host of Lust, Lies, & Libido. I started my ethical non-monogamy journey when I reconnected with my best friend in 2016. This relationship would then blossom into marriage. We have a Mono-Poly dynamic with one partner that also includes 6 children in total

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