If dating feels like drudgery, I have some suggestions.

If dating feels like drudgery, I have some suggestions.

If you’re single and dating feels overwhelming, or like a chore to you, I get it.

I’ve been there myself.

But I realized why it felt so fucking difficult every time.

Because I was dating to reach a specific OUTCOME. I was trying hard to project my best image. Every date was a chance to perform and win (or lose).

Which is exhausting to even write.

Making dating into a performance to reach a goal (getting their attention, their approval, a second date…whatever) is hardcore, and not really FUN.

After all, that’s the energy you need to get through life, to make money, to pay bills.

And when you’re doing that all the damn time, you’re going to start to feel depleted, which can lead to stress and depression.


❤️ Let dating become the place you ‘relax.’
❤️ Let dating become the place you use to unwind, to enjoy the quirks and company of others who share your life (for however long).
❤️ Let dating be the place you get to let your guard down and be your authentic self (imperfections included).
❤️ Let dating be the place you have fun.
❤️ Let dating be the place you slow down and mindfully practice your connections to others…

When you start to use dating as a way to recharge your spirit, to connect with and receive from others instead of performing and winning, you give off a completely different vibe. A sense of being present, fulfilled, and 100% you.

And it not only gets results by helping you connect better with people that really dig YOU (instead of just the performance), but it happens without so much exhausting work.

Listen to the podcast for some of my favorite tips for making dating FUN and fulfilling.

What are your thoughts?

Have you felt like dating is tiring you out? Like you just can’t DEAL anymore?

What steps have you taken in the past to change that feeling? What have you tried that did work? What have you tried that didn’t?

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