Newbies Night, EP4: Part 4: I want to play! Negotiating a REAL Scene

Newbies Night, EP4: Part 4: I want to play! Negotiating a REAL Scene

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Featured Presentation: 00:00 – 27:15
PLUS Membership Promo: 27:15 – 32:20
Q&A / Open Discussion: 32:20 – 1:22:16

Sing to the tune of Ladies Night by Kool & The Gang…

Mmm, oh yeah
Oh, what a night

Oh, yes, it’s Newbies’ Night
And the feeling’s right
Oh, yes, it’s Newbies’ Night
Oh, what a night (oh, what a night)

Oh, yes, it’s Newbies’ Night
We’re all kinksters, right
Oh, yes, it’s Newbies’ Night
Oh, what a night (huh)

LOL! Our monthly webinar focused on what you need to know when you’re new to kink.

We’ll cover some basic terminology, common courtesies and protocols, and what to keep an eye out for to be safe.

The format is 15-20 minutes of covering some basics, then on to the Q&A session, where we take questions from YOU!

Every THIRD Monday. Next Episode: June 15th @8PM EST.

PART 1: What is the kink scene?
PART 2: How do I not mess up?
PART 3: I want to play! Meeting People
PART 4: I want to play! Negotiating a REAL Scene


PunishMe/Bob 20:10:55
I know what I want to try. I know what I do not want to do. But there’s a whole world of stuff in between. How do we explore that?

Shawn (Fet: SensualGuy) 20:15:40
How much detail though? Is the devil in the details at all? I mean, say it’s “I like thuddy impact”. But where, how hard, etc?

Red 20:17:08
Is it okay to negotiate with someone while they have been drinking, if the negotiation is set for another time when they don’t have any alcohol or anything in them?

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