CAKE Presents: Failure Isn’t an Option, It’s a Requirement

CAKE Presents: Failure Isn’t an Option, It’s a Requirement

JustRob or (just Rob) has been involved in the public community in Jacksonville, FL since 2008.

He identify primarily as a Top and a Leatherman, but on occasion inhabits the roles of Sadist, Dominant, Leader, Mentor and Teacher.

He leads the committee that runs the local group Alternative Lifestyles Enthusiasts (A.L.E.),. He organizes” the weekly Taco Tuesdays event and is especially passionate about and active in our local polyamory group.

JustRob’s areas of experience are primarily; impact play (everything from fists and palms to whips and everything in between), electricity (specifically the violet wand) and medical play (focused on play piercing and staples).

In general, he is a reaction junkie who craves blood and other bodily fluids. Overall, his passion is helping people find their way in this lifestyle and helping those who have already found it to navigate it safely and grow personally.

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