Head Over Heels, EP3: Heels, wedges, sneakers, boots or barefoot—what appeals to you and why?

Head Over Heels, EP3: Heels, wedges, sneakers, boots or barefoot—what appeals to you and why?

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Chat Transcript: ZIP

On July 8th we had our third webinar premiere of the month! And it our dedication to due diligence, we did in fact start at the bottom before working our way up.

That’s right – this webinar, Head Over Heels, is all about foot fetish. And we had the perfect hostess to guide us through this popular topic, the wonderful Lady Leigh.

For this month’s episode, Lady Leigh and Nookie discussed the following topic: Heels, wedges, sneakers, boots or barefoot – what appeals to you and why?

We’ll introduce you to to the favorite parts of the foot coveted by various foot fetishists, whether it be toes, toe cleavage, soles, wrinkles, aches, heels of the foot, and types of shoes or jewelry. And to add a bit of Show and Tell to the proceedings, we encouraged anyone in chat who was interested to post pictures of their favorite pairs of footwear!

Head Over Heels airs live every SECOND Wednesday at 8PM.

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Lady Leigh began her lifestyle journey as a submissive with her husband of 39 years. During their journey they were fortunate to meet others who taught them how to play safely. As a way to give back, she is dedicated to the presentation of education for the community & firmly believes in “each one teach one.” She is the owner of the LoftNC, a Studio and Social Club in Gastonia (just outside of Charlotte) which gives the community a place to come play and to receive education and support in a healthy and safe manner.

She is also the co-owner of http://www.SoaringEagleCreations.com with her partner, MSquared- and together they produce wonderful leather toys for your kinky pleasure.

Lady Leigh believes in education and travels to share her knowledge because “education is just that important.” She has been honored to be a presenter at many events and groups throughout the Carolinas and East Coast including the LoftNC, 1763, Living on the Edge @ Wingnut 2018 & 2019, House of Velvet & Steel, SCLock, SMAK, DomCon Atlanta, LLC, T3WD, Capex, LaFortress, Hammers Chamber, Wolfucking 2016, Coastal Carolina Fetish Fair 2016-2019, Frolicon 2017 & 2018, Florida Power Exchange 2017, FAD, Fetish Fest 2020, Beat Me in St Louis 2020, Beyond Leather 2020, Summer Wow 2020, and others).

Owner of LoftNC LLC, a studio and social club in NC for 10 years. The LoftNC is a well established dungeon offering a safe space for the community. Presenter of variety of kink and lifestyle topics for 8 years A long history of business management and consulting entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.


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