10 Signs You Are A Relationshopper

10 Signs You Are A Relationshopper

How do you know if you are a relationshopper?

  1. Do your collars come and go as quickly as (or more quickly than) the seasons?
  2. Does your FetLife relationship status change as often as your underwear?
  3. Do you take more time to check the ingredients on the can of beans you’re buying for your health-nut chili, than you do deciding whether to get into a relationship?
  4. Do you browse the dating apps and sites at all times, then gleefully delight in turning date offers down, because you’re “too busy”?
  5. Does it seem like there’s always someone better out there, like in that rom-com you watched last night with your cat and your teddy bear?
  6. Is every one potentially ‘THE ONE?’ I mean, like, “Ohhhh, bestie! This may be THE ONE! Really, I mean it this time, I just feel like we really CONNECT, ya know?”
  7. Do you tend to rush/push things and declare your love quickly, because you figure it’ll never last, and hey, at least you’ll get laid/beat/cuddled tonight, right?
  8. Do you warn people ahead of time that you “like your space,” and forget to mention that you like the whole county to yourself?
  9. Do you break out in hives (or cancerous tumors) when the prospect of meeting their family comes up?

10 Do you find yourself cheating on every (or most) commitment(s) you make?

Did you answer “Yes,” to three or more of these questions? Then you are probably a Relationshopper.

Just forward $3 in a SASE to the Post Office Box Below for our 23 1/2 step program for finding true love and ending your relationshopping forever (or at least until you have a REALLY good reason to leave).

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