I Want You. Now, Please Do All The Work.

I Want You. Now, Please Do All The Work.

Hi! You’re beautiful and smart. Everything I could ask for in a woman. Just amazing. I’d love to get to know you.

Awww. Thank you. I’m flattered.

So, are you looking for a _______? (the role doesn’t really matter, for example purposes)

Well, I’m not really looking, but I’m open to the possibilities. smiles

Well, what are you looking for?



You come on to me, want me to consider you for whatever perverted kinky role you like to fill, and then you ask me to do all the work of telling you about me and what I’m looking for…


Well, you could read my profile and tell me how you fit what I’ve said I’m looking for.

Or find me on Dating Kinky, and read my dating profile and tell me how you fit what I’ve said I’m looking for there.

Or read my writings and strike up a conversation about one that interests you, and get to know me as a human, and organically discover what I’m looking for.

Or, you could ignore the time and effort (not to mention charm and sass) I’ve put into giving you all that information about me, all the details you would need to be a fascinating conversationalist, intriguing little ideas about things we might have in common that we could bond over drinking tea together, and just, you know, make me do all the work of regurgitating that for you.

And lose my interest.

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