Ask for the date

Ask for the date

Ok, so your profile is very nearly perfect by now. What with choosing the right photos, proving yourself, and showing off your amazing personality.

The last step is simple.

Ask for the date.

Not “Hey, give me a date!”

Something a bit more subtle, but giving whomever your dream boopsie might be a clue about what you’d like to do and that you’re open to meeting.

And by ask for the date, I really mean “encourage the next step.”

So, that could be as simple as:

“So, if you have an obsession with kitchen cows the way I do, drop me a note with a photo of your favorite cow-themed item.”

Or, you could say:

“If I sound like your kind of human, ask me out for tea. We’ll sit outside, socially distanced and get to know each other—and skip the endless back-and-forth of messaging.”

Or whatever.

And the bonus is, when you do this, you also then have a clue when they have actually read your profile, if that matters to you. Because most people will reference your ask in their first message.

It’s natural to do so.

We discuss more about asking for the date in my book Dating Kinky: Find the kinky love of your fantasies (read the first 50 pages free!):

Also, Dating Kinky is hosting a 4-week profile makeover event online for a select group of people of different roles, genders, sexual orientations, races, and abilities.

I, our brilliant coaches, and your partner (you’ll be paired up with someone new each week) will work with you every step to get you the BEST DAMN dating profile you have ever had!

And we’ll share your progress with the dating world, so others can meet you, learn about your challenges and follow along as you create your profile.

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