Why Do I Have To Hate You To Fuck You Like That?

Why Do I Have To Hate You To Fuck You Like That?

I’ve seen a few references to “Fuck me like you hate me” recently, and it had me a bit confused.

I looked it up on Urban Dictionary, and found:

The act of fucking a person that you despise. Such an act is typically characterized by name calling, roughness, and immediate departure after the act.

Ok. So, I get it.

But I wouldn’t fuck someone I hate.


I would fuck someone I love roughly and call them names, degrade them, bite them, hurt them, control them, and even, sometimes leave immediately after.

In fact, I would ONLY fuck someone I love that way, because I know how much they crave it and need it from me and that kind of power trip gets me off when I’m really, really into someone.

Like really, really.

Like I gotta love the everlasting shit out of them to take them hard and brutal, and leave marks on their body and soul that will last for days.

So, instead of a hate fuck, I’mma just call it making love, k?

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