Strengthening Your Personal Intuition About Others

Strengthening Your Personal Intuition About Others

"Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect." Steve Jobs

So, as many of you know, I went to Thailand in January to a sexual hypnosis and slave training seminar. Which was AMAZING!

The first seminar was really a personal power seminar. I’ve been calling it “Master Yourself Before You Master Others,” or “How Not To Install Your Neuroses In Your Slave.”


Some of the work we did involved strengthening our intuition, and choosing people from a crowd to interact with, that have the qualities we are looking for. It was incredibly powerful for the participants who had not done anything like that before, or even imagined it could be done.

And since I’ve returned, conversations keep returning to topics such as knowing who to trust, how to pick the right partner in the lifestyle, and more.

And I’ve been telling myself that I need to write and record that session for the lifestyle.

So I did. And I’m giving it to you. In audio and written format.

The reason I’m giving you this in both formats is so you can either listen to me, or have someone record it for you in their voice (your dominant, a good friend), or so you can edit it to suit you and your subjects (if you have experience in hypnosis) before recording. You could also record it for yourself, if you prefer that.

Before the links, a bit about hypnosis…

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis or trance is simply a state of focus. It’s a headspace that allows communication with your subconscious more effectively than when you are running around doing a million things.

How will it feel?

It’s different to everyone. If you’ve experienced guided meditation, it will likely feel a bit like that to you. You may feel incredibly relaxed, and more in touch with your body. You may feel a bit bored.

Just like a flogging, different people will experience it differently. And that’s OK.

Just understand it’s able to work for you, no matter how you experience it.

Can you make me do things I don’t want to?

Simply put, no. However, because I’m interacting with your subconscious directly, I can potentially make you do anything you want to subconsciously want to do, even if you don’t consciously want to and might regret it in a conscious state.

This is another reason I give you the written version. So you know my script, or can record it yourself, to avoid any potential funny business.

In most hypno sessions, I would include comments about how good hypnosis feels to you, and how every moment you spend in hypnosis increases your desire to be hypnotized, or something…

But I don’t know you, and I don’t have consent for that, so none of that is in here.

Will it work for me?

Good question! Yes, I believe it will. But what I believe doesn’t matter. As mentioned above, you have to want this to work for you, at least subconsciously, and agree to my helping you (or whoever might record this for you).

If you don’t trust me (in this) or the person who hypnotizes you, you won’t accept the suggestions given, and they will do nothing for you.

So, don’t sign a million-dollar business deal after listening to this once, and thinking your intuition is perfect now. Still take precautions, and grow in your strength a bit at a time.

You wouldn’t start working out and lift 500 pounds immediately. This is the same thing.

However, if you do accept the suggestions, and possibly listen multiple times, you will find yourself making better decisions more often, and recognizing bad decisions and situations with people more quickly.

Why are you doing this?

Because I believe in hypnosis, and I feel strongly this is something that the community as a whole could benefit from.

Now, the files.

  • A Bit About Hypnosis: link
  • Intuition Hypnosis Script: link
  • Intuition Hypnosis MP3: link

Can I share this?

YES! Please. Please include all three files (one is the information about hypnosis from up there ^^^, so that people can know what to expect and get the most out of the written file or recording).

If you would also give attribution, that would be great:

By NookieNotes on FetLife and

But that’s not necessary. It is in the files.

And, it goes without saying that if you alter the files, they are then your responsibility, whether they still have my name on them or not. Oh, and I make no promises, claims, and these are for entertainment purposes only. I have to say that. Also, this recording is not meant to be super-professional. I recorded it to share with you with minimal editing.

Image: Vincent Brown, CC2.0

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