The best part of every story is the comeback. 🙌

The best part of every story is the comeback. 🙌

Not too long ago, I wrote about failure. And how you can’t avoid it. It’s everywhere, and it’s necessary.

I said I always try to fail forward, or in a way I can learn and grow and turn it to my advantage.

And that brings us to the comeback!

Because we ALL love a comeback.

Like Robert Downey Jr. (

I rest my case.

It doesn’t matter where you start or what happened in the past. It’s the comeback that counts.

When you fall off track with your goals or mess up, you didn’t fail. You just got the opportunity to bounce back even better than before.

For me, my comeback was from an abusive relationship with a bi-polar addict. It tore whatever self esteem I had to shreds. It isolated me from family and friends. I lost a successful and growing business and a lot of money.

And at the end, I felt like I was starting over with nothing.

I had to create new friendships that I had not nurtured. I had to find out who I was. I had to examine my beliefs and what failure looked like.

And that took not just years, but nearly a decade of work. Hell, I’m still working, really.

Now? I’m living the comeback. And it feels pretty good!

I am loved and I love others. I have been diagnosed with my own challenges, and I’ve created systems to help me overcome them. I’ve started and am growing a new business. I love my life, and do what I can to help others love theirs.

And, in that vein, in March I’m teaching a free class on breakups. And this is the second part in that series—the one about being broken up with and how to move on from a breakup, regardless of who did the breaking. And you are welcome to join me.

What are your thoughts?

Have you staged a comeback? Do you want to? Need to?

What steps can you take or have you taken to comeback from devastating experiences in your life?

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