Happy National Restock Your Lube Day!

Happy National Restock Your Lube Day!

Who knew there was a holiday specifically set up to remind you to check your lube levels, and to make sure that you have plenty?

I didn’t.

At least until recently.

And frankly, I think it’s a great thing! Lube in it’s many forms is a wonderful part of a sexy relationship.

And 100% necessary for some types of play to be safe (anal, I’m looking at you).

And there are so many types! I love coconut oil as a personal lube for play with my fluid-bonded partner. We use it as a massage oil and basic lube. I like it, because we use food-grade, and it doesn’t taste like plastic, if we choose to use both hands and mouth.

Some people prefer almond oil or grapeseed for similar reasons.

We use water-based and silicone-based lubes for butt play, depending on the tools and toys we’re playing with.

But whatever your lube choices and needs, today is the day to think it over and do a restock.

After all, this day only comes once a year! (Poor thing, LOL!)

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