“Didn’t Work” doesn’t mean “Doesn’t Work.”

“Didn’t Work” doesn’t mean “Doesn’t Work.”

It might mean, “Did it Wrong,” so fix it and try again.
It might mean, “Not this human,” so try with someone new.
It might mean, “Lackluster Delivery,” so look at other ways of doing/saying the same thing.

It might mean, “Bad Timing,” “Mercury Is In Retrograde,” or “Your Luck is SHIT Today,” so try another time or place.

And if “Didn’t Work Once” becomes “Never Works” and “Never Seems To Get Better In Any Way or Teach Me Anything,” then it probably didn’t work for a very good reason, and you would have a better chance at trying something else.

And this applies to everything: kink, dating, love, life…

Some people take a long time to find what works for them, for a lot of reasons.

Only you get to decide whether you’re going to give up, try again, or try something new.

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