Happy Online Romance Day!

Happy Online Romance Day!

At Dating Kinky, we’re all about romance (and kink!) online and off.

I have been in an online romance. It ruined into a 4 1/2 year cohabitation, and we are still friends, so I know a bit about all this stuff.

When I met met partner, he lived 2 hours away from me, so our romance was often carried out online, and we had some amazing opportunities to grow and really get to know each other thanks to that.

In fact, even now, when we are living and working in the same place, we still spend some time online together, from different rooms, sharing things we love. And when we are apart, we use the internet to keep things connected.

Last year, Dr. Liz Powell did an amazing talk for Dating Kinky about maintaining your relationships during social distancing.

And now, more than ever, it is relevant.

Because as we open back up and get vaccinated and spend time together, many of us have created online relationships that we will want to keep, or have discovered online connections can fulfill us in ways that local options have not (yet?).

Take a view for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67wK4jeB9jE

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