Humor can be costlier than you might think.

Humor can be costlier than you might think.

Don’t get me wrong. I love me a good laugh. A bit of deprecating humor, just plain silliness, and puns (I know, I know, shoot me now).

I also love learning about the mind.

And in 2018, I went to Thailand for a sexual hypnosis and slave training seminar. Which is JUST as interesting as it sounds, LOL!

And in the lessons, one of the things we are taught is that we have to be careful with how we use our words, because the subconscious mind will take things literally.


The subconscious mind doesn’t understand humor.

Think about that.

Think about it before you make a joke at your own expense. Think about it before you make a joke towards somebody you consider a friend. Think about it before you make a joke about someone who might already be vulnerable or hurting.

Because when you speak, you are not only speaking to others and their subconscious minds who may take you literally, but you are also (ALWAYS) hypnotizing yourself.

And the words you say reinforce your thoughts as much as your thoughts determine the words you say.

There is something powerful about hearing things in your own voice. That’s one reason we ask people in trance to repeat something that we want then to feel or believe from their own perspective—because they will feel or believe it more if they hear it said in their own voice.

That’s it.

That’s all I wanted to say.

What are your thoughts?

First: Do you agree or do you think I’m wrong? LOL!

If you believe me, is this something you’ve known before or is it something new to you? What steps might you take based on this information? Or what steps have you taken?

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