“I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked.”

“I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m naked.”

That’s totally fair. Let me say that again: That’s TOTALLY FAIR.

SOME people will say that it’s not fair to want this. That in order to be a “good submissive”, you have to be a submissive 24/7, regardless of the circumstances.

That you’re a “do-me sub.”

I say that’s a buttload (which is equal to about a metric fuckton) of BS.

You do you.

If you submit primarily sexually, goodonya.

If you submit all the fricking time, goodonya.

The key is not how real or TWOO you are. The key is knowing yourself, your personal desires and limits, and being authentic with your partners as you negotiate your relationship.

For example, that would not work for me, so we would not be a good match.

However, I know some women who specifically enjoy that kind of submission, and who prefer submissives be on “auto pilot” outside the bedroom.

So, being honest will be more likely to result in a good match.

However, if you try to position yourself as the best-est-twwo-est-ultimate-subby-of-all-time-every-time-day-or-night, you’re likely to end up with power struggles and frustration based on your personal sales pitch and who it attracts.

And that’s rarely fun for anyone involved.

So, you be you.

And let others know who you are.

In the long run, it’s gonna be easier Thant trying to hold up the appearance of being someone you’re not.

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