My Top 6 Defenses Of The Chastity Cage

My Top 6 Defenses Of The Chastity Cage

I’m not into chastity. Not my thing. I’m not a fan of chastity cages, either, for many reasons.

However, I do like to intellectually examine other viewpoints, and when someone asked me why an able bodied man would want to be placed in chastity and denied pleasure, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to think it through.

Using my own experience, the words of my Pet, and also having worked on several projects related to chastity over the years, here is the list I came up with:

  1. Many men are not confident in their ability to please with their penis. This removes that issue by removing the possibility.
  2. Same about getting hard/being big enough, etc.
  3. They have been told this is how you get dominants.
  4. Some men want to be objects, and only able to feel sexual direct pleasure directly from their owner. This is a way to make that happen.
  5. It is a VERY attention-full thing when done in a relationship, and some men just want all of that attention, and checking in, and fussing.
  6. If a man defines himself by his dick, and he can’t touch it, then the dominant can define him.
  7. Often a man feels like if his dick is owned, he feels more owned.

I’m sure there are more. That’s what I I’ve heard from others.

Kink or NMK (Not My Kink)?

What are your thoughts for or against? Your reasons?

I look forward to reading your feedback.


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