A Leash Is Irrelevant

A Leash Is Irrelevant

Not that I know anyone is kink who thinks that a leash is required for submission. However, I have met people who think that the trappings of WIITWD (What It Is That We Do) actually are WIITWD.

I know far too many people who think that being a dominant means looking a specific way, acting a specific way, and carrying the right tools.

Very little of that is important, in my view.

Sure, I like to get dressed up, and I have more than my fair share of toys. However, I am dominant because I enjoy leading and taking responsibility for my relationships, and the people who offer me their submission.

Beyond that, everything else is just me being me.

And, I’ll admit, sometimes “me” is a far cry from what many people would consider “dominant.”

And THAT’S OK for me.

I don’t need to appeal to everyone universally. I don’t want to. I want those I love and do the relationship things with to consider me dominant, and that’s enough for me.

(Well, I also want them to consider me brilliant, hot AF, funny, and a good cook, but I digress.)

I don’t need a leash.

I don’t need a “traditional” collar.

I don’t need a ceremony.

Or a signed contract.

He is willing to not only follow where I lead, but also take the lead in things that make me a priority in his life and make me smile.

And his need to do that, his love…that is the strongest leash I have ever known.

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