Show a little restraint…

Show a little restraint…

There is something very sexy about rope.

About being bound and restrained.

Even as a dominant, I’ve enjoyed being bound by play partners and artistes. It’s like a corset to me. A feeling of an ongoing hug.

It has nothing to do with power for me, and that’s one reason I’ve never really learned more than the basics.

Another reason is that it seems that so many people who teach rope both tech it and make it seem inaccessible at the same time.

And I’d say that’s true of a lot of kink.

But it doesn’t have to be.

And in the past year, I’ve spent about 90 minutes per month learning about rope and tying from Growly, our UK host of Knotty Time, Rope With Bite.

If you’ve never seen Growly teach, you should. He’s a treat!

He not only teaches rope play clearly and accessibly, but he also makes you feel like you don’t have to be perfect. He delights in the mews and squeaks he gets from his partner, he experiments in front of the camera, he answers questions and is not afraid to be diverted now and again onto side topics.

And while I’m still not a rope connoisseur, I do very much enjoy the possibilities of ropes and tying. And so many others who join us just LOVE learning and asking questions from the privacy of their homes.

And it’s free to join live.

One just passed, this Tuesday. You have time to plan for the next.

First Tuesday of the month. 8pm UK time. 3pm Eastern.


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