Some thoughts on female supremacy…

Some thoughts on female supremacy…

A woman’s strength lies in who she is.

Someone wrote to me the other day:

Ladies are beginning to take their place and rule—well over due.

This person and I are NOT on the same page.

In fact, I think we’re in different books when it comes to power exchange relationships and femdom.

Let me state for the record:

I don’t believe that “ladies” should rule.

Far from it.

I believe that everyone has a right to choose the relationship dynamic and partner they want from life, and to pursue that.

Some women enjoy leading and have the skills it takes. Some prefer to be submissive. Some don’t really want a power exchange at all, they want to live as equals with their partner(s).

ALL of this is OK.

And the same is true for men. Not all men want to lead, not all men want to follow, and not all men want to have defined power dynamics in their relationships.

I am a dominant because I want to be.

I am a dominant partner because my submissive has determined I am capable, and trusts and respects my leadership capabilities.

Not because of my gender.

Not because I was bor with lady bits instead of something else.

I find female supremacy just as odious an idea as male supremacy. Sexism is shitty, no matter which way it points.

As I’ve been known to say (a lot!), I know men I would trust with my life, and women I wouldn’t trust with a goldfish. And vice-versa.

Anyone who approaches me, suggesting that I should be in charge because of my genitals or gender is getting a hard “No” from me.

I work too hard to be a good dominant—to build my skills, to create accepting and loving relationships—to have that all reduced to an accident of birth, thank you very much.

As an aside, in my online groups for dominant women and those who adore them, like my Women in Charge Facebook group, I don’t allow talk of female supremacy.

Because it’s really just sexism, and I do everything I can to stamp that out.

On my site, Dating Kinky, people can talk about what they want to talk about, however, if someone they are speaking with asks them to stop (to me, this is withdrawing consent for that particular topic), I expect that to be honored, whatever someone might wish.

It seems like a simple ask, and it’s easy to enforce.


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